It’s been over two weeks since I rode a bicycle and it will be a little while before I can get on one.
I’m moving apartments,  before that I was away for Thanksgiving and before that I was ill.
I miss the road.  I miss the wind in my face and the clean (-ish) air being sucked into my lungs.  I miss exhilaration of pumping my legs and moving fast down the street.  I even miss the ache in my legs as I force myself up a mountain road.  I definitely miss the sense of achievement from getting to the top and being able to look on the valleys below from up high; in the daytime with the sun shining down or at night with the city lights ablaze. I miss the knowing nods from fellow cyclists I pass as we acknowledge each other in mutual recognition of each others pain and pleasure.  I miss the step back into my home knowing that I have had a fantastic couple of hours and done myself some good, able to gloat a little before sinking a post ride treat.
I miss all that.
But soon I shall be back out and all of that is mine again.
I wonder what non-cyclists miss.

Picture from a ride last year back in the UK